Its All About Training

The Missing Step: Its All About Training

As I start my first blog post, one overall component has surfaced in my own development, which leads me to my overall point of the post The Missing Step: Its All About Training!

You may or may not recognize the underlying picture, but it is from a South Park Episode. During this South Park Episode gnomes are taking underpants from kids. This is part of their three phase strategy to PROFIT. Watch the 10 second video for a better understanding!

So, there are three phases to world domination, and they are certain about two of them … which leads to the question mark in the middle or Phase 2. Phase 1 is to collect underpants and Phase 3 is Profit, but this still leaves us with Phase 2 being the unknown.

I believe TRAINING is the missing component in this South Park Episode with the Underpants Gnomes World Domination Plan!

My personal blog will incorporate training and how to information in several different niches:

  • Internet Marketing: How to DEVELOP and GENERATE Sales and Leads (prospects).
  • Network Marketing: How to Zero in on the people you WANT in your primary business.
  • Trading Strategies: My own High Probability Trade (HPT) Setups from over 25 years as a trader.
  • Casino Strategies: How you can WIN more than you LOSE at the casino with my own personal strategies.
  • Rants – My Personal Beliefs: As the title states, RANTS on things that are important to me, but may not be to you.

I have put together a mind map below, where I have mapped out how I envision this blog to flow.

So there you have it … my own personal training and branding blog about the things that interest me. I look forward to sharing with you, the training I feel is important to allow the internet to pay you.

Thanks for your time today reading this opening blog post.


Kind Regards,

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