Lead Magnet Creation

How To Create Your First Lead Magnet

Recently, I have been in training about how to create a lead magnet … but it has been a different kind of training. I am used to learning about trading, probability theory and about games of skill and chance, but learning about lead magnets and internet marketing has been a challenge.

Lead Magnet: Biggest Reason People Fail

Mark HarbertMark Harbert said is his list building course, “Most people fail to generate leads online because they don’t understand some of the basics of what people are actually looking for, therefore they can’t market effectively to them. Your goal is to find out what people want, then give it to them.”

 The generation of leads online depends on having a good lead magnet to magnetically attract the kind of people you are searching or looking to work with in your business.

Lead Magnet: Building Your List Consists of 4 Main Points

  1. Give in order to Get – Value must be exchanged for a name, email and phone number.
  2. You MUST provide Value in your Offer to the prospect for longer term financial rewards.
  3. People are magnetically attracted to offers they can imagine will help them obtain a desired result.
  4. You MUST ask yourself … would you opt into the offer … if it was you?

Creating Your First Lead Magnet MindMap

First Lead Magnet

 Lead Magnet: Video Production with Wistia

This process of creating a lead magnet had me searching deep inside to what I perceive as value and transforming it into a tangible product. Obviously, this is still in creation mode, but it is starting to take shape. Here is my initial video that I placed on wistia and will embed it into my “lead magnet funnel.”

So my introductory video is completed and today I was able to complete the first video in the “educational series” along with the offer “bait” as Russell Brunson of Click Funnels calls it.

My thought process has led me to think about immediate gain versus longer term results. I know my “FREE LEAD MAGNET” trading method works. This it is how I started building my account by trading in the crude oil futures market.

Lead Magnet: Attaching Your Merchant Account

All of this is all good and great, but if you don’t have a plan to monetize the list at some point, then why are you building it? After all, our goal is to work from home … or for most of us … this is true. I have been fortunate to be able to work from home since 2007. BUT … it has not been a bed of roses … or I suppose it has been a bed of roses with a lot of thorns to pick out of my body.

When I was approved for my merchant account through InfusionSoft, my maximum purchase amount was determined to be $2,500. How did they determine this amount? I would like it to be higher than that … this is something I never thought about until I applied for my merchant account. Now, I know my “top end” product cannot exceed $2,499.99 in value.

Obviously, you have to be in a continual balancing act of  improving your website and members area to achieve the desired result. In the meantime, you have to continue to build out your business website, but find time to get training like Mark Harbert’s List Building Course to start! (PLACE HOLDER – PUT MY AFFILIATE LINK HERE)

What I definitely know right now … my initial “lead magnet funnel” will include a one time offer (oto) in order to bring in some funds to continue to build and profit from this experience. Overall, this has been an awesome and challenging, but rewarding process of learning and applying what you learn to create your first lead magnet.


Kind Regards,

David M. Knight

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