Building Your Membership Site

Building Your Membership Site

In today’s message, building your membership site is what is on my mind. How do you build out a membership site?

Mark HarbertFrom the last post, we learned a little more about how to develop a lead magnet. You need a powerful offer and market to the right audience.

I have learned so much from Mark Harbert in his training … I have even utilized the way he uses the .net into my members area now.

Now, that you have the right audience you need a place for them to go for specialized training. This is what I mean by building your membership site.

We have a powerful lead magnet that is pulling in people that are interested in what we are offering …

CL Power Trading MethodMy lead magnet for my trading business is a trading strategy called CL Power Trading Method.

What I learned from last week’s training on the lead magnet I knew I needed to have a powerful offer to get people to look and feel ok about giving their name and a valid email.

Is this trading strategy the end all … no … I am still working on building out my funnel to build what I like to call the know, like and trust factor. The only way to build this is by time.

I had an existing email database from Aweber so the first thing Infusionsoft training had me do was to reengage with them.

I was pleasantly surprised that I got a lot of positive response after being away from trading over 2 years of my life. In my past, I ran a live trading room and made live trading calls … I had a nervous breakdown and downward fell.

I finally was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression … got medicated and started feeling better. The first thing I started to do was to take care of me … my health! I only have one body.

Most of my adult life, I have spent as a trader in the futures and commodities market. I specialized in trading the Crude Oil (CL) Futures Market. It is the ugly energy market that people think we control the way the market ebbs and flows and you see it every time you fill up at the gas station.


TCB CL Power Members AreaTrust me … we don’t have the type of control people want to give us … most of the market is driven by the “big oil” companies.

This is reflected in the ETFs they can purchase and hold. The Saudi’s and OPEC still exert a huge influence … I am what you call a day trader.

I have developed and built out trading strategies and methods during my twenty-five year plus career. On the left, you see the screenshot of my members area.

This is the “lead magnet” members area I called the TCB CL Power Basic Trading Method.

Does it work? Yes, the trading method/strategy works.

One thing from my trading past … I only put out stuff that worked as you can see reflected in my trading education on 1-2-3 Day Trade.

Anyway, I wanted to write from the heart today and let everyone know I am doing just fine now … in fact … I am much stronger than ever.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger … I can testify to this statement … and I am thankful for my God, my family and my true friends.


Kind Regards,

David M. Knight



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